2012 Annual Report Scavenger Hunt

"It reads like a Dan Brown novel"

On February 19, 2012, Senator Lee delivered his annual address to the legislature and also presented to them his 2012 Annual Report.  Although he claimed that there would be no test, in the spirit of Dan Brown, he decided to create an annual report scavenger hunt.  At the bottom of this page is a series of 7 questions about Senator Lee's 2012 activities in the Senate.  All are invited to browse through the online version of the report and answer these seven questions.  The first 100 participants who submit the correct answers will receive a signed copy of the printed annual report. 

Good luck!

2012 Annual Report Scavenger Hunt

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You can participate in the 2012 Annual Report Scavenger Hunt by answering the following questions and submitting your email address.  Those who enter the correct answers will be contacted by email to provide additional details for receiving their signed copy of Senator Lee's 2012 Annual Report.
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