This Sunday will mark the three-year anniversary of the last time that the Democrat-controlled Senate passed a budget. Majority Leader Harry Reid has already stated that he will not allow a vote on a Democratic budget in 2012, which means that we will be approaching the last budget’s four-year anniversary before a new one will even be considered.

The Senate Democrats' failure to do their statutorily mandated job is shameful. When asked about a budget by Greta van Susteren on April 3rd, the Democratic Chairwoman said that she expected the Senate to take up and pass a budget this year, even though Senator Reid had already dismissed that possibility. On April 25th, the Chairwoman acknowledged to Bret Baier that she had not known what her own party’s plans were despite being one of its leaders.

Worse still, she also told Baier that the budgets proposed by President Obama and Congressman Paul Ryan offered “two blueprints that show the different directions that this country can go” without mentioning that she had voted against President Obama’s budget in the House’s unanimous 414-0 rejection of the plan. That vote reminded many of the last time Harry Reid allowed the Senate to vote on an Obama budget, when his FY2012 proposal was turned down 97-0.

This week serves as yet another reminder that the Democrats find their own budget ideas more embarrassing than the complete abdication of one of their most basic responsibilities. Below are a few articles delving further into the subject:

SESSIONS: Senate’s scofflaw Democrats

This Sunday marks exactly three years since the Democratic majority in the Senate last passed a budget, on April 29, 2009. During that time, the federal government has spent $10.4 trillion and added another $4.5 trillion to our total debt.

Democrats Have Nothing to Offer But Fear Itself

Asked why the Senate hasn't produced a budget in three years, the head of the Democratic Party instead stoked fear about the "Romney-Ryan budget that ends Medicare as we know it." FDR, call your office.

Senate Dems: We don't need no stinkin' budget

April 29 will mark three years since Senate Democrats passed a budget. This dereliction of duty flagrantly violates the 1974 Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act.


And here are some of the week’s best tweets about the continued lack of a federal budget:


Happy Anniversary Harry! Sunday marks the third full year the Democrat-controlled Senate has failed to produce a budget #3yearsnobudget



Why haven't @Senatedems passed a #Budget in over 1000 days? #questionsthatdontgetanswers



BREAKING: The Senate Democrats have just released their federal #Budget plan.



The federal government has added nearly $4.5 trillion to the #debt since Senate Dems last passed a #budget. #3YearsNoBudget


@NowWithAlex said #TeaParty hasn't done anything in #congress #PaulRyan & crew passed a #budget Senate gave #Obama 0 votes 2 years in a row



#Democrats in the #Senate aren’t pressing ahead at all on the #budget, fearful of politically risky votes


#3YearsNoBudget RT @philipaklein The last time the Senate passed a budget, Andrew Luck had yet to play a college game.