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WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee and eleven original cosponsors introduced legislation to protect religious organizations from discrimination by the federal government for supporting traditional marriage.  The “Marriage and Religious Freedom Act” bars the government from denying any person or group tax-exempt status for exercising their religious conscience rights. The bill is cosponsored by Senators Vitter, Rubio, Roberts, Hatch, Coburn, Blunt, Inhofe, Wicker, Risch, Cochran and Graham.

“This bill protects the rights of individuals and organizations from religious discrimination by the federal government,” said Senator Lee. “Those who believe in the traditional definition of marriage deserve respect and tolerance.  It is critical that we clarify the law to ensure that their fundamental civil liberties are not at risk.”

A companion bill, HR 3133, was introduced in the House by Rep. Raul Labrador and has 92 cosponsors.

The “Marriage and Religious Freedom Act” has been endorsed by the United States Conference Of Catholic Bishops, Family Research Council, National Organization For Marriage, Heritage Action, Concerned Women For America, The Ethics And Religious Liberty Commission Of The Southern Baptist Convention, and Liberty Counsel Action.

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#RoadLessTraveledUtah Photo Contest

Utah has over 43,000 miles of public roads. These roads connect communities, pass through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, and they enable Utahns to enjoy an enviable standard of living. Senator Mike Lee would like to showcase an outstanding collection of Utah’s roads in his Washington DC office. You are invited by Senator Mike Lee and Utahgram to submit your photographs of Utah’s roads to this Instagram photo contest.