Senator Mike Lee and the Utah League of Cities and Towns hosted the first annual “Constitution Bowl” on Friday, September 14, testing the knowledge of teams from four local high schools on topics related to the U.S. Constitution and government. The event was held in honor of the 225th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution and to get students talking about the country’s founding document.
Students from Taylorsville, Cottonwood Heights, North Salt Lake, and West Point competed in the Jeopardy-style game in teams of four, with Senator Mike Lee, Speaker of the House Becky Lockhart, and Murray Mayor Dan Snarr delivering the clues.
“The students impressed us all with their knowledge of the Constitution and the federal and state government,” said Senator Lee. “So many of the challenges facing our country today could be resolved if our leaders would return to that founding document. It gives me great confidence in our future leaders knowing that this generation recognizes the importance and meaning of the Constitution.”

Students Morgan Valentine, Steven Deng, Monica Kowalski, Hailey Roberts from Cottonwood Heights walked away the winners of the competition, securing a lead early on and answering the final question correctly. The Utah League of Cities andTowns awarded the team with an all expenses paid trip to visit Washington, DC to meet with Senator Lee and visit various attractions in our nation’s capital.
2012 Participants:
Cottonwood Heights—Morgan Valentine, Steven Deng, Monica Kowalski, Hailey Roberts
Taylorsville—Andy Ho, Sidnee Huff, Erin Penrose, Taylor Moulton
West Point—Nate Seffker, Julianne Orton, Valerie Hart and Sierra Hart
North Salt Lake—Lynsie Allen, Jacob Cho, Hunter Jensen and Dexter Murray

constitution bowl team 2

constitution bowl team 4

constitution bowl team 1

constitution bowl team 3

constitution bowl