The Transportation Empowerment Act

The “Transportation Empowerment Act” opens up America’s transportation system to greater local control, better targeted projects, and a more efficient way to maintain and improve the nation’s infrastructure.  The law allows states to respond to the needs of their communities and develop systems that result in less traffic, shorter commutes, more affordable homes, and help families better manage the work-life balance.


How it Works

  • Transfers almost all authority over federal highway and transit programs to the states over a five-year period
  • Lowers the federal gas tax to 3.7 cents from 18.4 cents over the same time period
  • During the five-year phase out, states will receive block grants that come with vastly fewer federal strings attached

What It Does

  • Immediately lessens the bureaucratic burden on states to construct critical transportation projects
  • Results in a faster administrative response to the transportation problems Americans face, such as traffic, commuting, and access
  • Gives states greater flexibility in their tax structure
  • Connects where people want to work with where they want to live
  • Opens opportunities to develop new mass-transit solutions, innovate environmental protections, and improve the financing of projects
  • Creates jobs and grows the economy