Too Big to Manage

May 16 2013

The three events of the last few days – the IRS, the AP, and Benghazi – tend to confirm our worst fears about our government. They tend to tell us what we don't want to believe, but what sometimes turns out to be true. That your government is targeting you. That your government is spying on you. And that your government is lying to you.

We need to remember that this isn't just an act of a Democratic administration attacking Republicans—it's much, much more than that. This is an act of a political ruling class in Washington, regardless of political affiliation, targeting the American people.

You see we have to remember that when the federal government gets too big, it becomes unmanageable. In that respect I agree wholeheartedly with what David Axelrod said yesterday—I don't think I've ever uttered those words before…He said that the federal government is simply too vast for the President of the United States to control, to manage, to supervise appropriately—and he's right. No one can manage something this big, and therein lies the problem.

Our federal government while created for purposes that James Madison described as few and defined, has become a government without limit, without end. No one can manage a $4 trillion annual government. No one certainly can manage a $5 trillion government. We don't want it to become that, we need to roll it back, we need to return it to a simpler, more manageable government. Because that's the only way we're going to prevent things like this from happening.

When it gets too big it gets too expensive, and when that happens, nobody's going to be able to manage the whole thing effectively. And when that happens, people are going to be targeted—they're going to be targeted unfairly. We need to simplify our laws, and we need to downsize our federal government.