Today’s Agenda

Today, Senator Lee will address the Utah State House of Representatives at 1:00 PM EST (11:00 AM MST) and the Utah State Senate at 1:20 PM EST (11:20 AM EST).


From the Senator’s Desk

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"I rise today in opposition to this nomination." Continuing the fight to protect Constitution's separation of powers:



President’s ‘Recess’ Picks Set Dangerous Path: Roll Call Opinion



OP-ED: Protecting our constitutional right of checks and balances (via @deseretnews) #utpol



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Around the Water Cooler

Utah lawmakers eye federal control of state lands

A group of Utah lawmakers is ready to take on the federal government over the transfer of federal lands to the state, citing a promise made 116 years ago when Utah gained statehood.

The 1980s and 1990s are Coming Back, So Says Obama's CEA

President Obama’s budget released last week naturally has lots of people agog. Its plan, outrageous on its face, is to take spending past $4 trillion and as much as double the income tax on high-earners, while supervising strong real-sector growth and a deficit cut down by two-thirds.

Looking Ahead

This week, Senator Lee is in Utah to meet with constituents.