Today’s Agenda

Senator Lee attends a Froeign Relations Committee hearing on Libya and hosts his weekly press conference with Utah press.


From the Senator’s Desk

Senator Lee is an original cosponsor of Senator Toomey’s “Spending Caps Act” (S Con Res 21):

  • Overview & Highlights
  • Federal outlays are divided into six categories, each with its own spending cap
    • Non-defense discretionary
    • Defense
    • Social Security
    • Medicare
    • Mandatory veterans
    • “Other” mandatory spending
    • Caps are set at the levels contained in Sen. Toomey’s fiscal year 2012 budget resolution (S. Con. Res. 21)
    • Received near-unanimous Republican support in the Senate on May 25, 2011.
    • Requires a two-thirds vote to waive the annual caps for any reason
    • Separate sequestrations automatically reduce spending in each category if caps are exceeded



Recent Votes

On the nomination of James Michael Cole, of the District of Columbia, to be Deputy Attorney General, Senator Lee voted NAY


Around the Water Cooler

Spending: “Republicans on the House Energy and Commerce Committee released a report Monday night detailing what they say is nearly $100 million in “foreign handouts” to countries like China, Thailand and Indonesia to support various environmental programs over the last decade.”

Tax Hike: “What the president wants is some kind of a tax increase so that he can keep his political base hushed up and get the debt hike passed quickly.”


A Look Ahead

Senator Lee meets with the Utah Association of Secondary School Principals on Wednesday morning and will speak on the floor regarding the Balanced Budget Amendment.  The Senator’s weekly Jell-O open house for constituents is tomorrow afternoon, as well.