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The “Balance in 10/#My50k” project is an effort to give a voice to the millions of Americans who are calling for Washington to balance the budget.  Please fill out the following form to tell Washington what you would do with an extra $50,000.

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Balance the Budget in Ten Years

The “Balance in 10/#My50k” project highlights the need for Washington to balance the federal budget.  After neglecting to submit a budget for four years, Senate Democrats finally introduced a plan that never balances and adds trillions of dollars to the national debt.   In contrast, several Republicans have submitted budgets that balance in ten years or less, without raising taxes or damaging the economy. 

According to current CBO projections, the average share of the national debt owed by each household will increase to more than $173,000 by 2023.  Under the least aggressive Republican deficit reduction plan, the House budget, which would achieve balance by 2023, the average share of the national debt owed by each household would rise much slower landing just under $124,000 – a savings of almost $50,000.  Other plans, such as Sen. Toomey’s 2012 budget and Sen. Mike Lee’s Saving the American Dream plan, would achieve balance faster and save the average household an even greater amount.

My 50K House vs CBO deficits

Chart 1: Deficit Comparison – CBO baseline vs House GOP Budget

Deficits explode under current law, while they stay low under the House GOP budget and get to balance in 2023.

My 50k House vs CBO per household

Chart 2: Amount Owed Per Household – CBO baseline vs House GOP Budget

Balancing the budget by 2023 reduces the amount the average household owes on the national debt by $50,000.