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WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee released the following statement after the announcement that Senator Harry Reid will no longer hold cloture votes on 17 judicial nominees:

“I am pleased that Senator Reid has reversed his decision to force a series of unnecessary and contentious cloture votes on judicial nominations. The record demonstrates that claims of Republican ‘obstruction’ were simply false.  Indeed, the whole episode was merely a political maneuver designed to distract the American people from the failed Democratic legislative agenda.  I am grateful we can return our focus to the most important issue facing the country: job creation and economic growth.

“I urge Senator Reid to withdraw his recommendation that the President recess appoint additional nominees.  As Senators we have a responsibility to uphold the constitutional prerogatives of this body, including our rightful role in providing advice and consent to the President's nominations.”

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Conservative Reform Agenda

America’s crisis of unequal opportunity is the greatest challenge facing the United States today. We need to start developing a new conservative reform agenda that restores equal opportunity to the families and communities from whom it has been unfairly taken.