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One of my roles as a United States Senator is to consider treaties signed by the President for ratification.  Treaties are an important tool for creating conditions in the world that are favorable to the security and economic prosperity of the United States.  However, many of the treaties recently negotiated by President Obama or considered in the Senate put international interests above the interests and sovereignty of our country.  The United Nations the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), the Convention for the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), and the New START treaty with Russia contain provisions that diminish our defense capabilities, undermine important constitutional rights and processes, and erode our national sovereignty.  I have played an active role to ensure that treaties that are not good for the United States of America do not get ratified.  However, some of the best arguments against these treaties have come from the numerous Americans who have contacted me to express their concerns.

Sovereignty First

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I believe that it is our duty vigilantly scrutinize the treaties that are brought before the Senate for ratification.   That way we can guarantee that only treaties that prioritize the interests of the United States will be ratified.  I have found that many Americans care passionately about the role we play in the world, and I want to hear your thoughts about the United Nations, treaties that are being considered by the Senate, and what aspects of American sovereignty need to be vigorously defended.


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As we approach Veterans Day on November 11, I am creating a photo gallery display in my Senate office memorializing the service of Utah’s veterans. If you are one of the brave Americans who has served or is serving, or if you are the friend or family member of a veteran - you are invited to share a photograph on Instagram that captures their commitment to country and their willingness to sacrifice.