Tax Reform

Tax Reform

The current federal tax code is an abomination.  It is too complex, too expensive to comply with, discourages productivity, picks winners and losers in certain industries, provides poor economic incentives, and relies too heavily on too few taxpayers to fund government activities.  We need fundamental tax reform to fix the inefficiencies in how the federal government raises revenue. 

There are a number of proposals I agree with in principle that would simplify the federal tax code.  Tax reform should remove the disincentives for businesses and individuals to be more productive and lead to greater economic growth, prosperity and job creation.

Any tax reform, however, must be coupled with an insistence that the federal government also spend taxpayer money wisely and only on those things for which it has explicit constitutional authority.

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#RoadLessTraveledUtah Photo Contest

Utah has over 43,000 miles of public roads. These roads connect communities, pass through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, and they enable Utahns to enjoy an enviable standard of living. Senator Mike Lee would like to showcase an outstanding collection of Utah’s roads in his Washington DC office. You are invited by Senator Mike Lee and Utahgram to submit your photographs of Utah’s roads to this Instagram photo contest.