Balanced Budget Amendment

Regulatory Reform

I invite you to join me in an effort to reform our regulatory state.  I hope you will share with me the federal regulations that are impacting you, your business, and your family.  Your feedback will help me identify what we need to keep, what we need to fix, and what we need to eliminate.


February 2013
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2/14/13 Washington needs a Balanced Budget Amendment
November 2011
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11/15/11 Sen. Lee: Avoiding the Trojan horse BBA
August 2011
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8/30/11 Congress Needs Structural Reform
8/29/11 Washington doesn't know best
June 2011
Date Title
6/27/11 Cut, Cap, and Balance

Press Releases


August 2011
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8/2/11 Closer to the Unknown
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Conservative Reform Agenda

America’s crisis of unequal opportunity is the greatest challenge facing the United States today. We need to start developing a new conservative reform agenda that restores equal opportunity to the families and communities from whom it has been unfairly taken.