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#RoadLessTraveledUtah Contest

Utah has over 43,000 miles of public roads.  These roads connect communities, pass through some of the most beautiful landscapes in the country, and they enable Utahns to enjoy an enviable standard of living.  I would like to showcase an outstanding collection of Utah’s roads in my Washington DC office.  You are invited to submit your photographs of Utah’s roads to this Instagram photo contest.


February 2013
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2/14/13 Washington needs a Balanced Budget Amendment
November 2011
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11/15/11 Sen. Lee: Avoiding the Trojan horse BBA
August 2011
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8/30/11 Congress Needs Structural Reform
8/29/11 Washington doesn't know best
June 2011
Date Title
6/27/11 Cut, Cap, and Balance

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August 2011
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8/2/11 Closer to the Unknown
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August Town Hall Schedule

Senator Lee will be holding several town hall meetings during the month of August. Visit the town hall page to find a meeting being held in your area.