DASH Act: Small Piece of the Immigration Puzzle

Oct 25, 2011

The American agricultural industry is critical to the stability of our nation’s economy. Unfortunately, few Americans are willing to work in many agricultural jobs, and outdated visa laws prevent business from attracting temporary foreign workers to fill the shortage.

Managing the Prairie Dog in Iron County

Oct 3, 2011

During August, I had an opportunity to see up close and personal just how damaging the prairie dog has been to certain portions of southern Utah. Both public and private lands have been affected and Utahns are right to demand that local and state officials do something about it.

Obama's unserious plans are losing the future

Sep 27, 2011

In consecutive weeks, President Obama has presented two painfully unserious and economically misguided proposals. The first, his $450 billion "American Jobs Act," is another stimulus proposal, based on the ill-conceived notion that more government spending is the answer to what ails the economy. The second is the president's plan to raise taxes by $1.5 trillion on American job creators. Both plans are a far cry from "winning the future," as the president claims on the campaign trail.

A Pro-Growth Jobs Agenda

Sep 21, 2011

President Obama began and ended his speech last Thursday by correctly identifying America's unemployment problem as a crisis that deserves urgent action by Congress. After two and a half years, it's encouraging that the President finally recognizes the true magnitude of our job shortage. Unfortunately the President's proposal was a predictably disappointing iteration of the failed economic prescriptions he offered in 2009.

Congress Needs Structural Reform

Aug 30, 2011

There is very little accountability in Washington when it comes to how the federal government spends taxpayer money. Having watched how things work from the outside, I was frustrated at the obvious waste and abuse of Americans’ hard-earned dollars. The system looked like it was intentionally set up so Congress and the President could continually find ways to put off difficult decisions.

Washington doesn't know best

Aug 29, 2011

It's well past time to have a spirited debate over the proper role of government, and the proper reach of government into our lives. Clearly, there are two very different visions for what this role should be.

Obama's "Recovery" Worst in Modern Times

Jul 8, 2011

The evidence that President Obama's economic policies have failed continues to mount. The unemployment rate notched up to 9.2 percent in June. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the labor force fell by more than a quarter of a million workers, dropping the labor force participation rate to 64.1 percent - the lowest rate of labor force participation in nearly 30 years.

Cut, Cap, and Balance

Jun 27, 2011

It's been called the most preventable disaster in American history. The coming debt crisis is so predictable it's difficult to find a single economist, expert, politician or American taxpayer who doesn't warn of the consequences of spending and borrowing ourselves into oblivion.

Breaking the Debt-Ceiling Cycle

Apr 27, 2011

The pattern of pretending to debate the factors contributing to Washington’s debt addiction is a rehearsal of rhetoric that, while increasingly circular, produces one-directional results. As the arguments for and against raising the debt ceiling make their way back and forth between the White House and Congress, continuing this exercise without a balanced-budget amendment in place means that the debt ceiling will perpetually move in only one direction: up.

Reforms, Not Just Cuts, Needed Before Debt-Ceiling Increase

Apr 25, 2011

In response to the Obama Administration’s efforts to force a debt-ceiling increase, a number of Republicans and even a few Democrats have demanded spending cuts. Reducing short-term spending is important and enjoys widespread support among the American people, but raising the debt ceiling without fundamental, structural spending reforms would be a mistake.