Press Releases

Lee Co-Sponsors Reform to Eliminate Budget Gimmicks

Nov 2, 2011

Today, Senator Mike Lee will co-sponsor legislation that eliminates the most common budgetary gimmicks used by Congress to hide hundreds of billions of dollars in spending. In the past six years alone, the tricks addressed in the Honest Budget Act (S.1651) have enabled Congress to spend over $350 billion, money that the country simply doesn’t have.

Lee: Failed Motion Shows Commitment to Big Spending Remains

Nov 1, 2011

Today, Senator Mike Lee's motion to maintain certain 2012 spending appropriations at 2011 levels was voted down. The motion would have affected legislation that will authorize funding for several departments, including agriculture, commerce, and transportation.

Lee Troubled By Proposed Rule Allowing Agencies to Mislead Public

Oct 27, 2011

Today, Senator Mike Lee reacted to reports that the Department of Justice may be attempting to allow federal agencies to provide misinformation about the existence of certain government documents. Senator Lee cautioned that the proposed rule could be a “slippery slope” toward making government unaccountable to the people.

Lee, Schumer Introduce Immigration Reform Bill

Oct 20, 2011

With an excess of supply stalling a recovery in the U.S. housing market, U.S. Senators Charles E. Schumer (D-NY) and Mike Lee (R-UT) announced today that they will offer a bipartisan proposal to boost demand for homes by luring foreign investors to purchase residences and live in the U.S. The concept is part of a broad immigration package aimed at boosting foreign travel and investment in the United States.

Lee Announces Mobile Office Hours

Oct 19, 2011

Today, Senator Lee announced the launch of his Mobile Office Hours. The project is an effort to reach constituents across Utah who might not otherwise be able to meet with casework officers at Senator Lee’s offices in Salt Lake City and St. George. The Mobile Office will hold events in multiple locations throughout all 29 counties within the State. The full schedule will appear on Senator Lee’s website and be updated periodically.

Lee to Offer Motion to Cut Spending

Oct 19, 2011

Today, Senator Mike Lee will offer a motion to keep 2012 spending levels on certain appropriations at 2011 levels. Submitted as a motion to recommit on the “minibus” spending bill – which funds areas in agriculture, transportation, and commerce, among others – Senator Lee’s motion would save tax payers $10 billion next year.

Lee Introduces the DASH Act

Oct 13, 2011

Today, Senator Mike Lee introduced a bill to help dairy and ranch owners maintain the foreign workers they need to keep their businesses operating year-round, without creating a legal path to citizenship for workers. The Dairy and Sheep H2A (DASH) Act would make dairy workers, sheep herders, and goat herders eligible to apply for year-round positions through the H2A visa program. Currently, temporary farm workers are only able to obtain seasonal visas.

Senators and Congressmen Introduce the Northern Arizona Mining Continuity Act

Oct 12, 2011

In a recent letter to Department of Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, several members of Congress wrote in protest of the Secretary's proposed a one million acre withdrawal of mining rights. The members stated the withdrawal has nothing to do with protecting the Grand Canyon environment but is actually ‘de facto wilderness’ for a region that conservationists previously agreed would remain accessible to the mining industry. The Interior Department’s own environmental study on the proposed withdrawal found ‘no conclusive evidence’ that modern-day mining operations in this area are harming the Grand Canyon watershed.

Lee Statement on China Currency Bill

Oct 6, 2011

There are better, more productive ways to create jobs than to threaten a trade war with our largest trading partner. Tariffs only serve to increase costs for American businesses and consumers. Instead, we should be looking at ways to grow the economy by reducing excessive regulation, fundamentally reforming the tax code, getting our fiscal house in order, and increasing our domestic energy supply.

Sen. Lee Submits Jobs and Economic Stimulus Legislation

Oct 5, 2011

Today, Senator Mike Lee submitted legislation that would create millions of new jobs and inject $1 trillion into the American economy by significantly reducing the excessive tax on repatriated assets. Sen. Lee’s proposal would permanently lower the tax rate for businesses from 35% to 5% on money earned overseas and brought back to this country.