Press Releases

Sen. Lee Seeks Biking Access in Wilderness Areas

May 17, 2018

“The National Wilderness Preservation System was created so that the American people could enjoy our country’s priceless natural areas,” Sen. Lee said. “This bill would enrich Americans’ enjoyment of the outdoors by expanding recreational opportunities in wilderness areas.”

Sens. Lee, Hatch, Tillis, and Grassley Introduce SMARTER Act

May 15, 2018

WASHINGTON – Sens. Mike Lee (R-UT), Orrin Hatch (R-UT), Thom Tillis (R-NC), and Chuck Grassley (R-IA) introduced the Standard Merger and Acquisition Reviews Through Equal Rules Act, or SMARTER Act, Tuesday, a bill that would require the Federal Trade Commission to go through the same procedures that the Department of Justice must go through when enforcing antitrust law, and would require the Federal Communications Commission to issue merger review decisions expeditiously.

Sen. Lee Celebrates Embassy Move to Jerusalem

May 14, 2018

JERUSALEM – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) issued the following statement Monday after witnessing the official transfer of the United States embassy in Israel from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. “It is truly an honor to be here in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel, for the transfer of the United States Embassy from Tel Aviv. This is a long overdue recognition of history and reality,” Sen. Lee said. "We continue to hope for peace and longtime stability between Israelis and Palestinians, but the US could no longer wait to do the right thing in recognizing the nation’s rightful capital.”

Sen. Lee Applauds Release of North Korea Prisoners

May 9, 2018

"I am very pleased by the news today that three Americans have been freed from their detention in North Korea,” Sen. Mike Lee said. “Unfortunately there are still other Americans detained by the regime, some of whom have never even been acknowledged. I hope that as President Trump meets with Kim Jong Un in the coming weeks that the North Korean government is pressed to provide a full accounting of all detainees in the country.”

Sen. Lee Welcomes White House Rescissions Package

May 8, 2018

“Our federal government is set to spend more than $300 billion in interest payments alone this year, and those payments are set to rise significantly in coming years as federal spending continues to outpace economic growth,” Sen. Lee said.

Sen. Lee Applauds End of Iran Agreement

May 8, 2018

“It is unfortunate that the previous administration rushed to produce an executive agreement with Iran that it knew could never withstand the scrutiny of the United States Senate. I hope that the current administration will be able to negotiate a better deal and that when it does it will submit the resulting treaty to the Senate for ratification as required by the Constitution."

Sen. Lee Demands Answers About U.S. Troops on Yemen Border

May 4, 2018

Media reports of U.S. ground troop activity countering Yemen Houthi rebels concerns me for a number of reasons. First, this fits an all too familiar pattern in the Senate where we get information from media outlets before the appropriate federal sources.

Sen. Lee Statement on Mike Pompeo's Confirmation

Apr 26, 2018

“I am pleased President Trump selected a well-qualified individual to serve as our next Secretary of State. Mike Pompeo is a friend and former colleague, and I have no doubts about his commitment to public service or his ability to perform the job in such a time as this,” Sen. Mike Lee said. “I look forward to working with him in his new role to ensure our State Department is doing the work it is supposed to do for the American people.”

Sen. Lee Responds to President’s Letter on Syria Strike

Apr 16, 2018

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) issued the following statement Monday in response to a White House letter purporting to identify sufficient constitutional authority for Friday night’s attack on Syria. “No President of the United States, no matter party or political ideology, has the authority to unilaterally start a war. While the president has the authority under the War Powers Act to respond when the U.S. is under attack or in imminent danger, such circumstances did not exist with regard to Syria. Promoting regional stability, mitigating humanitarian catastrophe, and deterring the use of chemical weapons might be important foreign policy goals, but if they are to be pursued with military force, a president must first seek congressional authorization.”

Sen. Lee Introduces Aviation Empowerment Act

Apr 11, 2018

“Innovation is key to competition and accessibility.” Sen. Lee said. “This bill adds definition and clarity to existing rules that will help unleash that innovation in the aviation community. Studies and experience with cost-sharing services have proven to be safe and effective in other countries, and it is past time we enact them in our country.