As a United States Senator, I have the privilege of nominating young men and women in Utah to attend our nation’s distinguished service academies. I hosted a dinner last Friday for those youth I personally nominated this year who have received an academy appointment. In an unprecedented year, 20 students whom I nominated were appointed by an academy and will be attending West Point, the Naval Academy, or Air Force Academy. 

Students who are appointed to attend a military academy not only have an outstanding academic record, but also demonstrate a high standard of success in every aspect of their lives. I expect great things from these students, and I am grateful that they are choosing to dedicate their talents to the service of our country. 

If you or a family member is interested in learning more about attending a military academy, please click HERE or contact my Salt Lake City office.

From right to left: Taylor Porgess, Stephen Kelly, Parker Sharp, Paul Lee, Christopher Vincent, Matthew Schvaneveldt, Corben Ruf, Senator Mike Lee, Dietrich Gregory Streuber, Genna Miller, Thomas Davenport, Jace Miller, McKenna Fox, Jonsen Crandall, & Tanner Munson.
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