Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee of Utah introduced legislation that would signify the level of support in the Senate for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the Constitution. Added as an amendment to a patent reform bill being debated today, Lee’s “sense of the Senate” stipulates that “Congress should pass and the States should agree to an amendment to the Constitution requiring a Federal balanced budget.” Lee said it was important to get all Senators on the record before the Senate votes on a continuing resolution to fund the government or an increase in the debt limit.

“The debate over America’s fiscal future must begin with a vote on a Balanced Budget Amendment,” said Lee. “The American people should know whether or not the Senate is serious about getting spending under control and reducing the national debt before we vote on even a short-term extension of current spending. While I will continue to push for a full vote on the Lee-Kyl Balanced Budget Amendment, the ‘sense of the Senate’ motion is a reasonable place to start.“

Though Senator Lee does have a specific Balanced Budget Amendment proposal, the motion does not stipulate the details of any particular amendment. The purpose of the motion is to gauge support for a strong structural restraint on spending that will hold Congress accountable.