Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee congratulated the Utah State Legislature on a productive and bold legislative session, which concluded March 8th.  Lasting just over 6 weeks, the session encompassed important work on issues ranging from education to law enforcement, land policy to state sovereignty. Senator Lee commended the legislature for taking on tough issues and contrasted it with Washington’s inability to properly address the country’s most serious challenges.

“I want to congratulate the Utah State Legislature for its incredible courage and vision during the 45-day session,” said Sen. Lee. “In particular, their willingness to assert Utah’s rightful place in overseeing its own land should be a model for other states to follow.

“The ability of a State to oversee the land within its borders is inextricably tied to economic growth as well as critical funding for education.  The federal government – which owns nearly seven out of every 10 acres in Utah – has had far too much control, for far too long.  Growing frustration over the government’s interference in the State’s ability to responsibly access, manage and develop land, combined with an administration intent on controlling the decisions of states and citizens from Washington, led the Utah Legislature to send a strong message that they were willing to stand up for our rights.

“This session was also a good example of why States are better suited to handle the every day challenges that face its people.  While Washington attempts to fashion one-size-fits-all solutions that benefit no one, and generally do more harm than good, the States can react quickly and efficiently to the local needs of their constituents.

“I commend the Utah State Legislature for their work this year and look forward to continuing to build on our strong relationship in order to better serve the people of our State.”