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The President has spent several weeks evoking the tragedy at Sandy Hook and highlighting the voices of the victims in an effort to promote his gun control proposals.  But he has not explained to the American people how any of his new gun control measures would have prevented that or any other terrible tragedy or reduced gun violence in any measurable way.

Instead, his proposals would serve to primarily restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens. 

Recently, I have launched a project I call “Protect2A” in an attempt to reach out to those who do not want to see changes to our Bill of Rights and believe members of Congress should be doing everything in their power to protect the Second Amendment rights of citizens. 

I am pleased to announce that the response to “Protect2A” has been overwhelming.  In less than two days we have received well over 1000 responses on my website.  The vast majority of them recognize that the president’s proposals will not make them safer, but will only result in limiting their rights as law-abiding citizens. 

It is with this in mind that I would now like to ensure that their voices become an important part of this debate.  I have several quotes from Americans across the country who oppose these measures and want senators to stand up for them and their constitutional rights:


Roger - Utah

As a veteran, I've had too many "brothers" and "sisters" make sacrifices to uphold the Constitution of the US. Their blood will not be in vain. While I believe our rights are not granted by government, I believe the documentation of these rights in the US Constitution has helped us maintain our freedoms. Why is the 2nd Amendment important to me? Because without it, the rest of our rights can simply be wiped away. Thank you for what you are doing.


Jim – Louisiana

I lived through the Los Angeles riots. My wife and I were living in Silver Lake. For 5 days we watched the orange glow of businesses being burned on two sides. For 5 days we never saw a law enforcement officer. We were on our own. My wife and I were unarmed. The couple across the street had a pair of shotguns and the elderly gentleman next to them had a .38 service revolver from his days in the LAPD. After it became clear that law enforcement had abandoned the citizens of Los Angels, we took shifts watching the street and who was coming and going. Our neighbors brought us coffee in the middle of the night, a night that was lit with the flames of burning buildings. Twice cars came up our street, saw us armed and turned around. I have no doubt that the drivers had things on their minds other than getting home to loved ones. As soon as I could, I went out and bought my first handgun.

I will not be disarmed. I will not be a victim. And I will not let my boys be victims. Legal or not, I'm giving them my guns as they get mature enough to use them. If our government is so out of touch that they will make law abiding citizens criminals, it's just something my family will have to deal with. But we will not disarm.


David – Missouri

I am a handicapped 78year old male living alone. I have applied for and received a conceal carry permit, which I feel is my Second Amendment Right, I hope and pray, that I never have to use my firearm, but will if challenged to do so.

Please don't treat the Subject of the Second Amendment like you
did with my health care, by passing legislation that you didn't even read


Carolyn – New Jersey

protection of the 2A is necessary in order to preserve the integrity of our constitution. the 'ruling elite' cannot pick and choose which amendments they like, and which they don't. we the people are sovereign citizens, and we are protected by the constitution


Annie – Georgia

Dear Senator, how I wish we as a civilized Nation did not had to go thru this in order to defend our 2nd Amendment that has been in place for all this past years. It is very important that we the citizens keep our weapons to be able to defend ourselves from criminals as well as to send a message to the government that we are not under any dictatorship, we are a free country and we are ready to defend our position against anyone who tries to take away what rights we have. To me personally my guns are my defense to protect my family, and I have had to make use of them for that reason in the past, and will do it again since the police can not be available fast enough... Please protect our rights because once we loose this Amendment, we are defenseless and the others will follow. I do not want to live again in a country where the citizens have no "voice", where there is no democracy and the people live in fear of what they say. I am a legal citizen of the USA, by choice! I am an American, and I love this country like my own. Thanks so much for what you are doing, let our voices be heard!

Mr. President, I have only read a handful of the responses, but I have several dozen of them that I would like to submit into the Congressional record, so that when future senators, historians, researchers, and the American people look back at this debate we are having, the voice of those who called on Congress to protect the Second Amendment and defend the Bill of Rights had a prominent place in our discussion today.  I ask unanimous consent to submit this list of responses for the record.

Thank you.

You can add your voice to protect the 2nd Amendment here