Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) issued the following statement Thursday as he continued to work with Senate colleagues on an economic response to the Coronavirus.

“If there is any state that is best prepared for the one-two punch of a global pandemic and a generational earthquake, it is Utah. We will rise to this occasion. We will beat this virus. And we will rebuild from the damage from the earthquake that hit us Wednesday.”

“All of us can do our own part to help our community through these times. For some, that means staying at home, practicing responsible social distancing. For others it means being on the front lines providing medical care and tests to those affected by the virus. And for some it means cleaning up, assessing, and rebuilding our infrastructure as we recover from the earthquake.”

“Here in Washington I am working with my colleagues to make sure the federal government’s response helps all Utahns who need it. That means fighting for broad-based action to help all Americans through the social and economic disruptions this emergency is creating.

“Americans are all in this epidemic together. So the federal response – from loan guarantees to tax reforms to regulatory relief to direct aid to families – should be as inclusive as possible, rather than carved out only for select special interests.”