Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee issued the following statement Wednesday after President Trump signed the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA):

“The USMCA is a huge win for all of Utah, especially the more than 120,000 Utahns whose jobs depend on trade with Mexico and Canada. Utah dairy farmers, manufacturers, and the agriculture community will all benefit from continued free and fair trade with our immediate neighbors to the north and south. This update to our trade policy moves the U.S., Mexico, and Canada further into the 21st century, setting mutually beneficial standards regarding the treatment of digital services and e-commerce.”

World Trade Center Utah president and CEO Miles Hansen added:
"More than 121,000 Utah jobs depend directly on trade with Canada and Mexico. In 2018 alone, Utah companies exported nearly $2.7 billion to Canada and Mexico. With the passage of USMCA, we look forward to not only maintaining, but expanding our trade and investment ties with our closest international trade partners."

And from the Utah Manufacturers Association:
“USMCA is a win for manufacturers of all sizes—from small family businesses to large well-known manufacturing companies. The USMCA will finally provide Utah manufacturers the certainty they need to continue growing the economy and assist in creating significant jobs both in the state and across the country that depend on foreign trade. The Utah Manufacturers Association is proud to have been a part of discussions with our representatives in Congress to shape the USMCA. Utah manufacturers will greatly benefit from this agreement as will the Utah economy.”