Press Releases

Today, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) will testify at a hearing before the House Judiciary Committee on the “Obama Administration’s Abuse of Power.”  

Senator Lee will discuss the essential duty of the legislature to ensure that the executive branch does not exceed its rightful authority, a duty that has become even more important with President Obama in office.

“In recent decades we have witnessed the executive branch claim for itself more and more government power.  But this trend has reached new, disturbing levels under the current administration.  President Obama has treated the Constitution’s separation of powers as if it were a matter of convenience that may be ignored when it gets in his way.  Rather than cooperating with Congress or respecting the Constitution’s separation of powers, he has in many instances chosen to go it alone and in the process has exceeded the proper bounds of executive power.”  

Senator Lee will discuss President Obama’s unconstitutional recess appointments; his action to obstruct legislative oversight of his administration, including his abusive assertion of executive privilege with respect to Operation Fast & Furious documents; and his unilateral decision to issue an executive order contravening Congress’s immigration policy.

Senator Lee’s written testimony states, “As these examples demonstrate, when faced with opposition from Congress, President Obama has repeatedly sought to go it alone.  It is thus all the more necessary and important that Congress continue to exercise its constitutional role and check this President’s abuse of power.”  

The hearing will stream live from here at 10am ET, and full text of Senator Lee’s testimony is attached.