Press Releases

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee of Utah released the following statement ahead of next week’s budget debate and amid accusations of a potential government shutdown:

“The question remains whether Senate Democrats will follow President Obama in penalizing the American people with massive tax increases, or whether they will instead take responsibility for years of excess and make sensible spending reductions in the current budget. Frankly, American taxpayers are not to blame for our massive deficit and we should not look to balance our budget on their backs. Americans are overtaxed as it is. The charge lies with Congress to show some fiscal restraint.

“Further, the threat from Democrats to shut down the government in order to protect excessive spending is utterly disappointing. That threat is unnecessary, irresponsible, and unwarranted. Republicans have suggested closing a mere fraction of our $1.5 trillion deficit, and this suggestion deserves serious consideration without resorting to talk of panic. This is another unfortunate reminder of why we need a procedural restraint, such as the Lee-Kyl proposal for a Balanced Budget Amendment, so we can avoid the kind of politics that could endanger our prosperity.”