Press Releases

Washington – Today, Senator Mike Lee released the following statement regarding Wisconsin’s state budget battle and President Obama injecting himself into the controversy:

“The states have traditionally been laboratories for policy reform and I support Governor Walker’s attempt to take the harder, but fiscally responsible, road. As in many states, Governor Walker faces difficult challenges and not a lot of good answers. I applaud his effort to make tough decisions and stand firm for what he believes is the best for the people of Wisconsin.

“Governor Walker’s courage stands in stark contrast to the budget proposal put forth by President Obama, who unfortunately waded into this purely state matter recently. It is unclear why the President would ignore the coming crisis in the federal retirement system, but feel it necessary to publicly comment on Wisconsin’s. We need courageous leadership from Congress and the President to address the nation’s fiscal challenges. My Balanced Budget Amendment, which holds Washington accountable for prioritizing our constitutional obligations, would be a strong first step to doing just that.”