Bring Them In

Remarks to the Heritage Foundation’s Anti-Poverty Forum

Nov 13 2013

It’s always great to join with the Heritage Foundation in any context. But being a part of this Anti-Poverty Forum is a true privilege. Members of my staff have been here all day, taking copious notes, and hopefully collecting all the business cards and white papers they can get their hands on.
Thank you very much. It’s wonderful to be back at the Heritage Foundation.It has been quite a month in Washington.

It began with our effort to stop Obamacare — a goal that all Republicans share even if we have not always agreed about just how to pursue it. And it is ending with powerful practical proof of just why stopping Obamacare is so essential.
As the Senate nears a vote on the Gang of 8 immigration reform proposal, I delivered a speech to explain the many problems with the bill. Here are the main points I made during this speech as I shared them on Twitter. Help me out by retweeting your favorites.
I also of course want to offer my best wishes to you all as the Heritage Foundation embarks on an exciting new era.

And I also just want to make clear that when I spent my first year in the Senate joking that Jim DeMint should run for president… this isn’t what I had in mind.

You know, the thing that makes Jim DeMint a great leader is the same thing that has always made people like Matt Spaulding and the Heritage Foundation itself so valuable.