This week Republicans took over the Majority in the Senate, and it could not have come a moment too soon. The American people, exhausted from failures President Obama’s dysfunctional administration, have given Republicans an opportunity to take the reins of Congress and move forward on a positive agenda.

Today, there is a crisis of opportunity in America caused in large part by government policies that hold back families at the bottom of our economy, rig the system for those at the top, and prevent hardworking taxpayers from getting ahead. The new Republican majority should take action to reform these policies, provide greater access to economic opportunity, and restore the proper role of government

Government at all levels succeeds when it protects and promotes free enterprise and civil society. The military, the police and fire departments, our court system, and critical infrastructure – that’s what government does well. But government fails when it tries to replace free enterprise and civil society in other areas, such as in President Obama’s takeover of our health care system, our over-charging and under-performing higher education policies, and implementing unfair and ineffective regulations.

In recent years government has held America back by getting this wrong. We usually call this problem “big” government, and it is that. But the problem isn't merely government’s size, but its dysfunction. The challenge for the new majority is not just to cut big government, but fix broken government. After all, we don’t just want a less expensive version of the Left’s failed administration state, but an efficient, effective government that actually protects and promotes the Americans’ pursuit of happiness.

This approach isn’t preferable simply because it’s “conservative” or “Republican.” It’s good because it forces government to work for the people; it empowers moms and dads, small business owners, students, and hardworking taxpayers; and it makes government effective, efficient, and accountable.

Fortunately, Republicans have already begun to introduce a number of practical solutions to some of America’s most persistent problems. I look forward to the opportunity the American people have given us to meet the challenge of our time.