Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter

In my second term as a United States Senator, I will to continue to pursue one of the most important goals from my first term in the Senate: finding opportunities to build coalitions – with members from both sides of the Capitol and both sides of the aisle – in order to advance a positive reform agenda that puts Washington back to work for the American people and fixes broken government programs. One such opportunity is my role as Chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, a position to which I was elected at the end of 2014.  

The Steering Committee is unique. Unlike other congressional committees designed to develop legislation in just one policy area, the purpose of the Steering Committee is to help shape the debate on all legislative issues and to make sure that conservative principles are informing the policymaking process every step of the way.

To help expand the Steering Committee’s influence, I started the Laudable Pursuit: a weekly newsletter that showcases how we can apply conservative principles to address the most pressing challenges facing the nation today. Each newsletter has three parts: (1) the Chairman’s Note, a short piece of commentary offering my perspective on the latest developments on Capitol Hill, (2) a video highlight from the week, and (3) the Issue in Focus, which explains the nuts and bolts of particular piece of legislation or policy issue that may not be receiving much attention by the media, but that I believe is important to the American people. The newsletter’s content will change from week to week, but the purpose remains the same: to highlight the power of conservative principles in action.

I invite you to sign up for the Laudable Pursuit and join me in spreading the message. Because if we want to bring change to Washington – if we want to fix broken government and bring the American dream back within reach of hardworking families across the nation – then we need to work together to spread the positive message of conservative reform.


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