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Smith and Morehouse Reservoir

On May 21, a member of my staff participated in a tour of the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District. The tour began at Smith and Morehouse Reservoir in Summit County where up to 1,360 acre-feet of water from runoff is stored. This water eventually arrives at the Weber Basin Water Conservancy District's water treatment facility in Layton, is processed, and then is piped to various municipalities in Weber and Davis Counties.

wanship dam

Later on the tour, my staff got a chance to go underneath the Wanship Dam, a dam that impounds up to 62,100 acre-feet water from the Rockport Lake. A tour such as this makes one truly appreciate the clean water that is released from a faucet in one's home or office.  As a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, I recognize that it is crucial to maintain relationships with the stewards of our water infrastructure.