Utah First

Meeting Utah Businesses

During the last week, I have been meeting with various groups across the state of Utah.  I had a few meetings with various business leaders, employees, and industry leaders in Utah's thriving private sector.

On Wednesday morning I was part of an executive roundtable with several dozen heads of companies that are listed on NASDAQ.  Many of these companies are technology companies.  We had a very engaging conversation about the patent reform bill I am co-sponsoring with Senator Leahy and how “patent trolls” are crippling many companies in their industries.

I also met with regional Comcast representatives to discuss Utah-specific issues regarding infrastructure and access.  As Utah continues to be one of the world's foremost locations for new businesses, entrepreneurship, and the tech industry, it was important to hear from one of our state's internet providers regarding the importance of high-speed internet access to these different sectors and to Utahns.

On Thursday I met with over 60 Salt Lake City-based employees of the Williams Company.  I provided a report of the current issues facing Congress, and I was able to hear from these hard-working Utahns about their industry, their concerns, and their accomplishments.

I also had a very productive discussion with the Utah Steel Fabricators Association.  This group comprises most of the distributors, processors, and fabricators of steel in the state of Utah, which represents many thousands of Utah jobs.  We discussed the future of American manufacturing, and how certain reforms can help continue job growth in Utah.

Meeting with Local Officials

On Thursday morning, I met with a group of legislators from the Utah House of Representatives.  It was an engaging and lively discussion with many of our state legislators, and we spent several hours discussing issues such as healthcare and education, and how I can best be a resource to our state legislature.

legislators lunch

I also spoke at the investiture of Judge Carolyn McHugh to the United States Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit. I supported Judge McHugh’s nomination, the first female member of this court to be appointed in over 20 years.


Meeting with Utah's Media

I had an enjoyable tour of ABC4 Studios in Salt Lake City by Richard Jones, the General Manager.  I met with many of the employees of Channel 4, and had an in-depth interview with Glen Mills, Channel 4’s political reporter, who asked me questions about my bipartisan Smarter Sentencing Act, which I am co-sponsoring with one of my Democratic colleagues in the Senate. 

Sentencing reform

Transportation Reform