Utah First

Utah Association of Conservation Districts – March 25, 2014
The Utah Association on Conservation Districts is an organization of political subdivisions of the State of Utah that are responsible for identifying land improvement projects, as well as mitigating natural hazards. My staff attended the Zone 7 annual meeting at the John Wesley Powell Museum in Green River, Utah to hear the organization’s priorities for the coming year. Zone 7 is comprised of five districts; Carbon, Green River, Price River, San Juan, and San Rafael.  Many Mayors and County Commissioners were in attendance and it was a great opportunity to connect with these hardworking local leaders.

powell museum

United States Bureau of Land Management – March 26, 2014
My staff attended a briefing with the Bureau of Land Management state office in Salt Lake City on March 26, 2014 where they discussed wild horses, the status of developing projects, and the fire season outlook. Attendees included BLM State Director Juan Palma. My staff in both my Salt Lake City and St. George offices regularly visit with Director Palma regarding constituent concerns. I am dedicated to helping Utahns efficiently navigate their way through restrictive federal land management rules and regulations. Relationships with agency directors help me assist constituents with their frustrations in a more effective way.
Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments – March 27, 2014
The Southeastern Utah Association of Local Governments is a group consisting of Mayors and Commissioners of four Utah counties; Carbon, Emery, Grand, and San Juan. This organization meets monthly in Price, Utah to discuss budgets and prioritize projects they would like to see funded. My staff attended this meeting to give an update about what I am currently working on regarding public lands and natural resources. I constantly seek the input of local governments when considering policies that would affect public lands in Utah.

Lee, Hatch Continue Push for Utah to be Reimbursed Costs of Opening National Parks During Shutdown

Utah Senators Cosponsor Legislation to Fully Reimburse State Taxpayers after Interior Department Says it Needs Congressional Approval to Repay States

Mar 11 2014

Utah’s U.S. Senators Mike Lee and Orrin Hatch today cosponsored the National Park Access Act (S. 2104), continuing their push for Utah to be reimbursed for providing state funds to reopen National Parks in the state during the 2013 government shutdown.
On February 26, I learned that both the Senate and House have approved funding for the construction of a new maintenance hangar at Hill Air Force Base for the F-35 stealth fighter jet. Operational maintenance will be performed inside the hangar by the 388th Fighter Wing based at Hill.