The Case for Congressional Empowerment

The authors of the Constitution intended Congress to be first among the federal government’s three co-equal branches. Endowed with the power to legislate, tax, spend, and oversee the weaker Executive and Judicial branches – while simultaneously held to tighter public accountability – Congress was meant to be the driving force in federal policymaking.

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Posted by United States Senator Mike Lee on Wednesday, February 3, 2016
The federal regulatory state is out of control economically, costing Americans between $1 trillion and $2 trillion per year in artificially inflated prices. And it is out of control politically, as federal bureaucrats now write upwards of 95 percent of all new federal “laws” without winning a single vote in Congress or at the ballot box.
“When Congress is back in charge of federal spending,
the American people will quickly be back in charge of the federal government.”

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Feb 03 2016

The Article I Project (A1P) is a new network of House and Senate conservatives working together on broad agenda of reform to strengthen Congress by reclaiming its constitutional legislative powers that are now being improperly exercised by the Executive Branch.