Energy Freedom and Economic Prosperity Act (HR. 259)

Washington should not be using taxpayer money to pick winners and losers in the energy industry.  Consumer-driven, free-market competition provides a much better way to ensure Americans have access to reliable, affordable energy.   The Energy Freedom and Economic Prosperity Act would level the playing field for all energy producers. As a result, these producers will have to compete for consumer dollars rather than political favors by phasing out all technology specific energy subsidies, by reducing corporate dependence on Washington handouts, and by offseting any net tax increase with a reduction in the corporate tax rate.

Representative Mike Pompeo is the sponsor of this proposal in the House

Anti-Cronyism and Free Market Agenda

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To build a new conservative reform agenda, we first need everyone to participate in an open, rigorous, transparent debate about ideas. Too many in Washington seem to believe that on any issue, we should either have one plan – one that everyone supports in lockstep – or no plans. But unity cannot come at the expense of creativity. 

Americans believe in the wisdom of markets. So let’s trust the marketplace of ideas. If we want policy innovation, we need to innovate policy!

On certain issues, we have been. And we need more of that kind of innovation – especially to address the entrenched special interests that will oppose and anti-cronyism and free market agenda.

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