Remarks on the Retirement of General Burton

Nov 5, 2019

Mr./Madam President, I rise today to honor Major General Jeff Burton, Adjutant General of the Utah National Guard, for his many years of devoted service to our nation and the great state of Utah. As he closes a long chapter of 37 years of military service, he leaves behind a tremendous legacy as an American patriot and a true servant-leader. And so I would like to take a moment to pay tribute to that legacy today.

A Response to Sen. Durbin’s Call for a Hearing on S.386

Oct 31, 2019

I would like to speak briefly about Sen. Durbin’s recent request for a hearing about the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act. The Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act is a bill that many senators have worked on for nearly a decade, and has long been a top priority of mine. I have introduced this bill in the Senate every Congress since I was first elected in 2010. During that time it has been the subject of widespread debate and attention both on and off the Hill, and other members, including Senator Schumer, have sought to pass the bill, as I am doing, by unanimous consent.

Land Acquisition Amendment to Minibus

Oct 31, 2019

Mr./Madam President, There is no doubt that we are blessed with beautiful, useful, and fruitful lands in our nation. And there is no doubt that some of them should be preserved as national treasures. But unfortunately, the federal government owns far more of these lands than it should – and far more than it can feasibly take care of.

Ending H-1B Visa Fraud

Oct 17, 2019

Mr./Madam President, I rise again today to speak about the Fairness for High-Skilled Immigrants Act – an important and bipartisan piece of legislation, which passed the House in July by an overwhelming vote of 365-65. As I have explained in this chamber before, the concept of the bill is simple. Our current method for allocating green cards caps the total number of green cards that nationals of a given country can receive. In practice, this results in de facto country-of-origin discrimination. Because immigrants from countries with large populations are restricted to receiving the same number of visas as immigrants from smaller countries, their wait times have ballooned, in some cases stretching on for literally decades.

Modernizing Drone Regulation

Oct 17, 2019

Good morning. Thank you for coming out today. And thank you to the National League of Cities for hosting this event today and for your consistent advocacy for cities across America. It’s always refreshing to get “off campus”, as we like to say. Sometimes you have to get away from the halls of Congress to find people who think creatively about policy. And I am especially excited for the invitation to speak about today’s topic.