Lee Troubled By Proposed Rule Allowing Agencies to Mislead Public

October 27, 2011

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee reacted to reports that the Department of Justice may be attempting to allow federal agencies to provide misinformation about the existence of certain government documents. Senator Lee cautioned that the proposed rule could be a “slippery slope” toward making government unaccountable to the people.

“Although the government has a legitimate interest in keeping certain matters of national security from becoming public, I am concerned that this proposed rule may represent a slippery slope that would ultimately limit the public's ability to hold the federal government accountable for its actions. There is already in place a process by which courts may assess whether or not documents qualify for FOIA exclusions, and I am unaware of any compelling reason to depart from that process. I will continue to investigate this matter and work with my colleagues on the Judiciary Committee to ensure it is properly resolved."