Lee to Oppose Spending Proposal

March 2, 2011

WASHINGTON - Today, Senator Mike Lee of Utah announced that he would vote against a proposed spending bill intended to fund government activity for two weeks. The Senator said the continuing resolution did not reflect the message the American people sent last year to make significant cuts to government spending and reduce the national debt.

"The proposal is a disappointing failure on the part of both parties to seriously address the economic meltdown we face from our massive deficit and growing national debt," said Lee. "While some have been patting themselves on the back for proposing $4 billion in so-called ‘cuts’, in reality, this bill fully funds billions upon billions of dollars in wasteful, duplicative programs that should be eliminated, reduced, or reformed.

"Support for the ‘continuing resolution’ means continuing Congress's unfortunate record of driving this country into debt. If a $1.6 trillion deficit and $15 trillion national debt do not force this Congress into bold action, then I have little patience for procedural games that kick the can an inch or two down the street.

"This is not the kind of legislation the people of Utah sent me to Washington to support and I cannot in good faith do so."