Lee Backs Balanced Budget Proposal

May 10, 2011

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee spoke in support of a budget proposal that will balance the federal budget over 10 years, save Medicare, enact real tax reform, and put the country on fiscally sustainable path.  Senators Jim DeMint (SC), Tom Coburn (OK), David Vitter (LA), Marco Rubio (FL), Richard Burr (NC), James Risch (ID), and Ron Johnson (WI) joined the measure, principally authored by Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania.  In support of the budget, Senator Lee released the following statement:

“The most important challenge we have as a country is getting our fiscal house in order and Senator Toomey has developed a responsible plan to address it,” said Senator Lee. “While the President has proposed a budget that never balances and creates deficits and debt as far as the eye can see, Senator Toomey’s proposal moves the country in a fiscally responsible direction, balances the budget over a reasonable amount of time, simplifies and reforms our complex tax code, and significantly reduces spending to a manageable percentage of GDP. 

“This budget represents yet another set of good ideas from Senate Republicans while our friends across the aisle have still not offered a budget of their own, despite a legal requirement to submit one.  I applaud Senator Toomey for his leadership and look forward to debating his and other budget plans.”