Senator Lee, Republican Colleagues Call on Administration to Produce Budget

May 26, 2011

Senator Mike Lee (UT-R) and 22 of his Republican colleagues on Wednesday signed a letter to President Obama, calling attention to the failure of the democrats to produce a budget in 756 days. Lee and others are urging the Administration to work with budget experts to develop plans to allocate spending within a $2.6 trillion Debt Ceiling Budget.

"We believe it is irresponsible to spread panic instead of taking responsible action to calm the markets. We believe it is irresponsible to ignore the broken political system and the very real possibility that the debt ceiling might not be raised in time. And we believe it is irresponsible not to develop robust contingency plans now – just in case.

"We are calling on your Administration to immediately begin working with budget experts in Congress to allocate spending within a $2.6 trillion Debt Ceiling Budget. All agency heads should then be instructed to develop plans to make sure essential services would be funded on a priority basis."

"Finding real solutions is the preferred course of action. All spending programs must be on the table to achieve the structural reform necessary to avert a real debt crisis. We stand ready to be your willing partners in developing these solutions.

"This is no time to play politics. The American people are depending on all of us."

The full letter can be accessed below.