Poll Shows 66% of Americans Support Cut, Cap, Balance

July 21, 2011

Today, Senator Mike Lee highlighted a new CNN poll that shows two-thirds of the American people support the “cut, cap, and balance” approach to solving the nation’s debt crisis.
Using language that closely mimics Senator Lee’s “Cut, Cap, and Balance Act”, respondents were asked whether they favored or opposed only raising the debt ceiling if Congress first passed a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution and substantial spending cuts and caps on future spending were approved. A full 66% said they were in favor.
Additionally, the poll shows three out of four Americans (74%) favor a constitutional amendment to require a balanced federal budget.
Senator Lee reacted to the poll results: “The survey backs up what we have been saying all along: the American people are with us.  They want Congress to cut spending and balance the budget.  We have a plan to do that called “Cut, Cap, and Balance.” The responsibility is now on The President and Senate Democrats to follow the will of the American people and pass this legislation.”

The poll included interviews with 1,009 adult Americans conducted by telephone on July 18-20, 2011
Full poll results can be found here