Lee Reaffirms Opposition to PROTECT IP Act

January 18, 2012

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee reaffirmed his opposition to the PROTECT IP Act, flawed legislation that would unduly burden certain online businesses, threaten Internet security, and stifle innovation. 

“Protection of private property rights is an essential foundation of our nation’s free market economy.  Online piracy poses a significant threat to the intellectual property rights of American innovators, and much of that threat comes from foreign websites that are currently unaccountable to the rule of law.  I am committed to making certain that these infringing pirate sites are not able to continue stealing our country’s intellectual property without consequence.

“While I am sympathetic to the basic objectives of the PROTECT IP Act, I have consistently expressed concern that several of its provisions would threaten Internet security, stifle the free flow of online information, and unduly burden third parties.  As a result, I declined to cosponsor this legislation and have worked from the beginning to make critical changes to the bill to resolve these concerns. Unless and until such revisions are made, I will continue to oppose the bill.

“Rather than rush to vote on such deeply flawed legislation, the Senate should carefully discuss and debate how best to protect American intellectual property, preserve Internet security, and promote the free exchange of ideas.  I hope and expect that Leaders Reid and McConnell will ensure that we have ample opportunity to explore the issue and attempt to resolve these concerns before the Senate holds a vote.”

Note: Last week, Senator Lee joined several fellow Judiciary Committee members in a letter calling on to Senate Majority Reid to postpose Tuesday’s scheduled vote on the Protect IP Act and allow for full discussion and debate. To view the letter, CLICK BELOW.