Lee Releases Video Describing Experience as Supreme Court Law Clerk

March 23, 2012

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee released the second in a series of videos giving viewers a behind-the-scenes explanation of the Supreme Court, its procedures, and the constitutional questions surrounding ObamaCare that will be before the court starting next week.

The first video was about the proceedings of the court during and after oral arguments. In this video, Senator Lee discusses how Supreme Court law clerks help their respective Justices by briefing them on upcoming cases, assisting with the analysis of current cases, and writing opinions once a decision has been reached.

“Clerks provide an enormous amount of assistance to the Justices,” said Senator Lee, a former Supreme Court law clerk himself. “These relatively anonymous legal aides put hours upon hours of work into each case. With this video, my goal is to shine some light upon the men and women who truly grease the wheels of our nation’s highest court.”

 Senator Lee will also be releasing a video in which he examines the constitutional issues raised by ObamaCare.