LEE: “Buffett Rule” Attempting to Divide, Distract Americans

April 12, 2012

NEW YORK – Last night, Senator Mike Lee discussed President Obama’s push to distract Americans with the “Buffett Rule,” legislation that raises taxes on job creators and ignores the need for comprehensive tax reform.

LEE: “To what end is the right question to be asking because [the Buffett Rule] doesn’t solve our jobs problem. It does not solve our debt problem, our deficit problem. It does not solve the problem associated with increased fuel prices…This does not solve any of the problems that are of most concern to Americans. 

“Americans want jobs, they want to be able to afford their way of life. They don't need a president coming in and try to divide Americans, to pit one group of Americans against another in a way that won't solve anything we're facing right now.  And that is why we see this as a cynical campaign-year effort to distract attention away from the fact that our economy is in trouble, in part because our government is simply too big and expensive.”

“We are talking about four or five billion per year, which is a lot of money, but a tiny drop in the bucket when we look at our overall budget, our annual deficit. This is a tiny amount. It won't perceptively change anyone's tax burden, not anyone's. But what it will do, what it very likely could do, is chill exactly the kind of economic activity we desperately need in this country: investment; people with money putting their capital at risk so as to create jobs.”