Lee Introduces Bill to Reduce Costs of Federal Infrastructure Projects

July 17, 2014

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee introduced a bill that would drive down the inflated costs of federally funded construction projects on our nation’s infrastructure and makes it easier for federal contractors to train and employ workers of all skill levels. The “Davis-Bacon Repeal Act” would also save the American people billions of dollars in wasted taxpayer money and diminishe the power of the cronyist alliance between big government and big labor unions.
“The Davis-Bacon Act exemplifies how big government hurts the people it purports to help, gives unfair advantages to favored special interests, and squeezes the middle class,” said Sen. Lee. “It crowds out low-skilled workers in the construction industry, preventing them from getting a fair shot at a job, and funnels taxpayer money to prop up big labor unions, which accrue windfall profits as Davis-Bacon removes the incentive for federal contractors to hire unskilled, non-unionized workers.”
Forcing the American citizens to subsidize labor unions in this way artifically inflates the costs of construction projects to repair and improve our national infrastructure. This is unfair, and unsustainable, and costing taxpayers billions of dollars every year. Senator Lee’s “Davis-Bacon Repeal Act” removes these government-imposed obstacles to economic opportunity facing low-skilled workers and returns wasted taxpayer dollars back into the hands of the American people.  Senator Lee will offer the bill as an amendment to legislation that addresses the funding of our nation's highway and transportation systems.
Joining Senator Lee in support of the “Davis-Bacon Repeal Act” are nine original cosponsors: Sens. Alexander (TN), Cruz (TX), Scott (SC), Sessions (AL), Coburn (OK), Johnson (WI), Cornyn (TX), Rubio (FL), and Vitter (LA).