Lee Calls For Democratic Process On Omnibus

December 17, 2015

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) issued the following statement Thursday regarding the omnibus spending bill scheduled for a vote Friday:
“The omnibus spending bill soon to come before us is chock full of controversial policies that never would have passed had they been exposed to the light of day,” Lee said.
“Not only does this bill spend an additional half-billion dollars on an unreformed and failing Head Start program, not only does this bill airdrop an entire cybersecurity bill which lacks important protections for privacy and personal information, but according to the White House, “this bill allows for the full funding of the Green Climate Fund, negotiated at the recent Paris Climate talks,” Lee continued.
“None of these policy changes would have passed by themselves. These are highly controversial policies and merit an open and honest debate on the Senate floor. It is an insult to this body, the Constitution, and the American people, that the least trusted institution in America is planning to sneak these policies through without public scrutiny or amendment. We have doubled down on everything the American people can’t stand about Washington, and many are now congratulating each other for it.”
“Rather than accepting this monstrosity, we should instead pass a six-week continuing resolution which would allow for an open process where these issues can be properly debated”