Lee, Flores: Time to End Democrat Obstruction of DHS Funding Bill

February 10, 2015

WASHINGTON – Today, Senator Mike Lee of Utah, Chairman of the Senate Steering Committee, and Congressman Bill Flores of Texas, Chairman of the House Republican Study Committee, released the following statements regarding Senate Democrats’ repeated obstruction of the Department of Homeland Security funding bill, H.R. 240:

Statement from Senator Mike Lee (R-UT): “Republicans are trying to keep our promise to the American people and do what they sent us here to do: keep the government funded, especially the agencies protecting our homeland security, and hold the President accountable for his abuses of power.  But standing in the way are Senate Democrats who refuse to even allow consideration of the DHS funding bill so they won’t have to declare where they stand on the President’s illegal and unconstitutional action on executive amnesty.  This effort to try and hide from the American people is embarrassing. Republican leaders in the Senate have repeatedly signaled that they will give Democrats every opportunity to amend provisions of the bill that they don’t like.  But even this is rejected, because it would require Democrats to go on record as supporting or opposing the president’s executive amnesty. Instead they have chosen to create this hostage situation.  That is shameful.  Let’s put an end to the obstruction and start the process for funding our homeland security.”

Statement from RSC Chairman Bill Flores (R-TX): “Rather than work toward funding the Department of Homeland Security, Senate Democrats are choosing to block the process entirely.  Their obstructionist tactics do a disservice to the American voters who sent us to Washington to lead. Congressional Republicans are unified in their desire to move forward to provide homeland security in a responsible manner.  The House has passed a responsible bill that reflects the overwhelming disappointment of voters about the president’s lawless executive amnesty and fully funds the Department of Homeland Security. It is time for the Senate to act on that bill.”