Sen. Lee Applauds Pres. Trump’s Withdrawal from Paris Climate Agreement

May 31, 2017

WASHINGTON - Today, Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) applauded the decision of the Trump administration to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement and protect the economic and energy sovereignty of the United States. "The American people did not vote for President Trump so that American taxpayers could send billions of dollars overseas to establish a global crony capitalist slush fund. Pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement is absolutely the right decision for the United States economy.”

Sen. Lee continued, “This agreement was negotiated intentionally by the Obama administration to circumvent the Senate’s power to advise and consent on international treaties because they understood it was too unpopular and damaging to U.S interests to ratify. The decision to withdraw will afford Americans greater economic opportunity and cheaper, more flexible energy choices in the future. I look forward to working with President Trump, my Congressional colleagues, states, and local governments to follow-up this decision with additional energy policy reforms that benefit the American people like repealing harmful regulations and reducing federal barriers to energy production.