Sen. Lee Reintroduces Screening Partnership Reform Act

December 1, 2020

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced the Screening Partnership Reform Act, a bill that would make changes to the Transportation Safety Administration’s Screening Partnership Program.

“Our travel industry needs all the help it can get,” Sen. Lee said. “The Screening Partnership Program is a proven secure way for travelers to save money but it has been underutilized by our nation’s airports. This bill would clear some of the bureaucratic red-tape surrounding this program in an attempt to unleash the potential cost-saving benefits of these private screening contractors.”

Bill Specifics

  • SPRA would codify reforms to TSA’s cost estimation process by statutorily requiring TSA to account for total costs to the federal government.
  • SPRA would reform the SPP airport application process by providing certainty for airport operators regarding TSA’s decision-making process. In addition, SPRA gives airport operators a role in the selection of a private screening company for their airport. 
  • SPRA would allow a private screening company to conduct on-site training and certification of private screeners led by either a TSA supervisor or a supervisor from the private screening company who holds certification from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center identical to the credential held by TSA supervisors.
  • SPRA would allow a private screening company participating in the SPP to annually submit recommendations to TSA on new approaches to screening processes and procedures in order to enhance the screening of passengers and property at the airport.
  • SPRA would clarify ambiguities in hiring practices and the terms of agreement between TSA and the SPP airport during the transition to private screening.