FCC Responds to Sen. Lee Letter on Ligado 5G License Decision

June 16, 2020

WASHINGTON – The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) replied to a letter sent by Sens. Mike Lee, Brian Schatz, Ron Johnson, Edward J. Markey, Ted Cruz, Mark R. Warner, John Thune, and Chris Coons earlier this month, asking the FCC to address issues surrounding the agency’s decision to modify Ligado’s 5G spectrum license. The letter asked 13 questions designed to provide the FCC with a fair opportunity to explain the basis of their decision after the Senate Armed Services Committee held a hearing opposing the FCC’s unanimous, bipartisan decision without hearing testimony in support.

“I appreciate the opportunity to answer your questions and clear up some misinformation that has been disseminated regarding the Commission’s Ligado Decision,” FCC Chairman Ajit Pai notes. “[W]e found that Ligado’s modified application could support 5G and Internet of Things services through an innovative approach to make more efficient use of underused spectrum in the 1525-1536 MHz portion of the mobile satellite band while protecting GPS users in the nearby 1559-1610 MHz radionavigation satellite band.”

You can read the full letter and the FCC’s responses here.