Sen. Lee Introduces Four Dredging Bills

December 13, 2021

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) introduced four bills targeting our nation’s supply chain difficulties and the lack of American dredging infrastructure.  The bills take a long-term approach to solving a vexing problem of aging and inadequate American port infrastructure.

The Dredging to Ensure the Empowerment of Ports (DEEP) Act would repeal the Foreign Dredge Act of 1906 and streamline key impediments in the Clean Water Act as well as the Army Corps’ process for considering dredge projects at our ports.  Bill Text.  One-pager.

The Allied Partnership and Port Modernization Act would support more economic opportunities at our ports. It would amend the Foreign Dredge Act of 1906 to allow NATO affiliated dredging vessels to operate in the United States.  Bill TextOne-pager.

The Port Modernization and Supply Chain Protection Act repeals the Foreign Dredge Act of 1906’s cabotage requirements and allows all dredge vessels that qualify under the laws of the United States to operate in the United States.  Bill Text.  One-pager.

The Incentivizing the Expansion of U.S. Ports Act would amend the Foreign Dredge Act of 1906 to allow Americans to purchase foreign built dredge vessels for operation in the United States so long as they are crewed by Americans and flagged under U.S. law.  Bill Text.  One-pager.

Of the bills, Sen. Lee said, Dredging is a fundamental tool to maintain American economic competitiveness.  Our protectionist laws have hamstrung our shipping and port infrastructure.  These bills would allow us to expand ports, help secure our supply chain, and move our economy into the future.