Sen. Lee Statement on “Vote-a-Rama” and Passage of HSA Amendment

February 5, 2021

WASHINGTON – Sen. Mike Lee (R-Utah) today commented on last night’s Senate budget “vote-a-rama” session, during which three Lee amendments were voted on, including passage of his amendment expanding Americans’ access to Health Savings Accounts.

“Last night was what the Senate should look like all the time,” Sen. Lee said. “We debated and voted up-or-down on dozens of amendments offered by Senators from both parties.”

Three of those amendments were offered by Sen. Lee:

  • Amendment #821, affirming the First Amendment’s protection of Americans’ religious liberty, which failed 50-50; 
  • Amendment #770, protecting jobs and royalty revenues created by oil and gas leases from new regulations designed to cripple the American energy industry;
  • Amendment #253, expanding access to and qualifications for health savings accounts, which could include increasing HSA contribution limits, and including dietary and nutritional supplements among HSA-qualified medical expenses, which passed 53-47 with bipartisan support and was included in the final budget.

“I am thrilled that a bipartisan majority in the Senate is now on record supporting expanded health savings accounts. HSAs are extremely effective, popular, and cost-effective. They are what real health care reform looks like, and passage of my amendment is an exciting step for American healthcare.”

“Though I opposed the Democrats’ final budget for spending and borrowing too much and reforming too little – I hope last night’s marathon voting session is a sign that the Senate is finally ready to start working again.”